Decorative hardware brand sales market trend

Issuing time:2020-12-09 09:36

Recently, the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was solemnly held in Beijing. The Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Several Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening Reform issued by the meeting made comprehensive institutional arrangements and arrangements for the development of new-type urbanization from the aspects of household registration system reform, county reform into cities, and urban construction investment and financing mechanisms, and further proposed to promote people-centered new-type urbanization. The top-level design of the central government has triggered a positive response from the market to the concept of new urbanization. Urbanization can be understood as urbanization, involving major social changes in the transition from a small-scale peasant economy to an industrial economy, from a subsistence economy to an open economy, and from a low-tech to a new technological revolution. New-type urbanization emphasizes the civilized and rational evolution of ideas and behaviors, rather than a simple copy of low-level resources like in previous places, which causes a great waste of resources. The promotion of urbanization is bound to drive the development of decorative hardware, and the domestic market demand will appear new growth points.

The country is developing, the society is progressing, with the accumulation of wealth in all walks of life and the current complex economic situation, safety awareness, aesthetic awareness, brand awareness, artistic awareness has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, consumers no longer blindly pursue low prices. People should also consider their own safety while protecting the environment, and more and more people pay attention to the appearance, wear resistance, flexibility and other characteristics of furniture hardware, decorative hardware, etc., and pay more attention to whether decorative hardware meets environmental protection requirements. Nowadays, the number of post-80s young people who own new houses is increasing, and this part of the population is open-minded, and the choice of decoration materials is even more eclectic, hoping that their own style will be different. In order to meet the market demand, many personalized decorative hardware products are placed on the counter.

In the past, decorative hardware emphasized its mechanical properties, rust prevention, moisture resistance, and the service life of moving parts. Nowadays, decorative hardware is no longer willing to play a supporting role, from door locks, door touches, to the handles and hinges of the wardrobe, to the bath towel rack in the bathroom, the paper tube and the coat hook in the room, etc., according to different functions, different shapes are designed, but the unity of artistic elements is maintained. In the face of the rapidly changing market, some professional brand hardware manufacturers will keep up with the trend of the times, work product design, rush to launch new products, and constantly make products change faces, and develop in the direction of diversification and serialization. Taking the most common handle as an example, it has got rid of the simple stainless steel color, black, bronze, crystal clear, but also dull and restrained, or flamboyant, or elegant, these handle colors are expressive and have become exquisite hardware representative products. For the wardrobe, the handle is like its "arm", and the door handle with good quality and good style is not only very convenient to use, but also has the finishing effect on the overall beauty of the wardrobe. Domestic brand decoration hardware concentrates on high precision, high efficiency, high firmness, multi-function, multi-specification, multi-variety scale, serialization, generalization and other characteristics.

At a time when the country vigorously promotes energy conservation and emission reduction policies, clean production, energy conservation and environmental protection concepts, the hardware industry is developing towards energy conservation and environmental protection, which is directly or indirectly changing many of our lifestyles and constantly promoting the upgrading and reform of many hardware products. In recent years, carbon tariffs and carbon labels have erected new green barriers in trade, and in response to the trend of global warming, the awareness of emission reduction has spread around the world, and the low-carbon household fever has continued to heat up. The extensive economic growth mode at the cost of waste of resources, energy waste and environmental pollution is difficult to sustain. With the gradual maturity of decorative hardware, various manufacturers have initially mastered this skill, so the products manufactured in the technical content is not too far behind, just blindly imitation copy, product technology, style almost the same, the whole market homogenization phenomenon is very serious, the business model is very single and traditional, directly lead to the hardware industry into the low-price competition route. However, low-priced products will bring consumer doubts to consumers, and low-price competition cannot adapt to the development of the industry. Seeing that the price war has become unbearable, many merchants have set their sights on the breaking of after-sales service. At the same time of free delivery, it also provides installation initiatives and design drawings, sends technicians to carry out practical mapping of customers' houses, and follows up on decorative hardware devices and after-sales problems, and further deepens the consumer's awareness of decorative hardware and brand hardware consumption awareness through the improvement of after-sales service talents.

Relying only on winning in technology is no longer suitable for the current market environment and consumer demand, manufacturers must find a unique way to seek a new development model. Manufacturers' innovative R&D capabilities and brand sustainable development strategy are the mainstream leading the expansion of the industry, Dongtai Hinge, Weitai handle, Donglong lock, Huitai Long hardware, and the development of multinational hardware enterprises such as Hettich, Häfele, Blum and so on are classic cases.