Characteristics and selection method of stainless steel handle

Issuing time:2020-12-09 09:31

1. Features of the handle:

From the material, there are single metals, alloys, plastics, ceramics, glass, etc.; From the shape, there are tubes, bars, spheres and various geometric shapes; From the style, there are single strip type, double head type, exposed type, closed type, etc.; From the style there are avant-garde, casual, as well as rope or hanging bead nostalgia handles.

2. How to choose a handle

2.1 In terms of material, all copper and stainless steel are better, alloys and electroplating are poor, and plastics are on the verge of elimination.

2.2 The handle has two fixing methods: screw and glue, the screw is fixed strongly, and the glue is not practical.

2.3 All stainless steel handle and stainless steel plated handle have similar appearance, and can be tested out by magnets.

2.4 Handle selection should pay attention to the style, function and place of furniture. The relationship between the handle and the furniture is either striking or hidden. The handle of the entrance cabinet emphasizes the decoration. The symmetrical decorative door can be installed with two luxurious and beautiful handles, and the shoe cabinet should choose a single-ended handle with a color close to the board.

2.5 Food decoration cabinet handle can choose a double-ended handle with gloss and contrast with the color of the furniture.

2.6 TV cabinet handle can choose an exposed handle with a similar color to the stone of the electrical device or TV countertop.

2.7 Study or studio furniture can choose simple and square handles.

2.8 The bathroom cabinet door should choose a miniature single-head round ball ceramic or plexiglass handle, and the color or material should be similar to the cabinet.